Guild Wars: High Ground

Chapter 2: Lina’s Story – The next day, you are fully awake. You try to get up, but Lina stops you. She says, “Hey there! Good Morning. Take it slow… OK? Don’t try to rush your recovery.” You feel fine, but the expression on Lina’s face reveals that something is wrong. You may be awake, but you’re still injured.

You remove the bed sheet to see that your arms and legs are covered in cuts and bite marks. What happened to your body? You don’t remember. You touch your head. It’s wrapped in a cloth bandage. Lina can see the horror on your face. She tries to comfort you.

“You don’t remember what happened, do you? It was the Charr, those filthy savages. After they attacked Ascalon City, they went after the smaller villages and towns. They burned everything to the ground. Those they didn’t kill, they captured as slaves. They are such monsters! I witnessed their butchery with my own eyes. It was awful.”

“I tried to heal as many allies as possible, but there were just too many dead and wounded. At one point, I thought that I would join the fallen. A group of eight Charr cornered me. I never knew so much fear. My heart was pounding. I wanted to run, but I was exhausted. I used all my magic healing others that I had no power left for myself. As I stood there, cornered, I thought of the awful things that they would do to me. Burning, stabbing, whipping, they have so many ways to hurt us humans. I wondered if I would be enslaved or if I would die alone.”

“The sun was setting behind the Charr. I couldn’t see their faces too well. I only saw their silhouettes. As I prayed and prepared myself for death, one of the darkened Charr heads rolled to the floor. I thought that I was hallucinating. I couldn’t believe what I saw, but the light revealed the truth. It was the head of a Charr Shaman. With one clean strike, it was decapitated. The body soon followed the head’s path toward the ground. Blood oozed out from the neck, splattering everywhere as the body fell flat.”

“The other Charr turned to face their enemy. I was not alone. Someone was there to save me. It was TANK!”

“I was worried. How could one man expect to beat eight Charr? I was without magical energy. I could not assist in this battle, but it soon be clear that my help would not be necessary. With another strike of his sword, he took out another Shaman. TANK’s opening attack was brilliant. Before the Charr could even realize the danger, they were a team without healing.”

“What happened next was amazing. With one melee attack, he killed three Charr at once. I didn’t know such an attack was possible. Do you know what skill he was using?”

  • Cyclone Axe – Perform a spinning axe attack causing damage to all adjacent opponents.
  • Hundred Blades – Swing twice at target foe and foes adjacent to your target.
  • Frenzy – For 8 seconds, you attack 33% faster but take double damage.

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