Guild Wars: High Ground

Hundred BladesHundred Blades – Lina is happy with your response. She shouts, “Yes, that’s right! I remember now. He used Hundred Blades to attack the Charr. After that assault, there were only three Charr left. One was a Necromancer, that put a hex spell on TANK. With the Remove Hex spell, TANK easily countered the Necromancer. I’ve never seen such confidence and strength. The three remaining Charr knew that they were outmatched, so they tried to flee. TANK just ran after them and cut them down… one… two… three.”

“With no more Charr left to slay, he returned to me and said, ‘I’m hungry. Are you in the mood for dinner?’ I couldn’t believe it. My world was in chaos, but he was standing there… flirting! But naturally, I said yes. He had a trustworthy smile and I too was famished.”

“On the road back to this stronghold, there were so many dead. The bodies began to decay. The smell still lingers in my mind. They were too far gone to be resurrected. The corpses that weren’t burned to ashes were festering with flies and filth. But one person stood out from the carnage — you!”

“I could sense that there was still some life left in you. TANK carried you back here, allowing me to better care for your injuries. Don’t worry about those marks on your body. My magic can heal your flesh so that you will not scar. Rest my friend. You are safe here, for now.”

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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