Guild Wars: High Ground

Favorable WindsFavorable Winds – You cast the Favorable Winds spell. The change in currents leads directly from your position and all the way to the Charr. TANK smiles and says, “Good choice.” The warrior then yells a single order at the archers… “FIRE!”

The archers quickly adjust for the change in wind speed and direction. With the burst of energy pushing behind the arrows, the archers know to put less arc on their shots. With the winds at their backs, the archers can fire their projectiles directly at the Charr. With the sound of bow strings snapping, the arrows are launched at the backs of your enemies. A faint roar can be heard as the first Charr is struck. After a few seconds of running around in agony, the Charr drops to the ground.


The Charr are in a panic. They stumble about for a moment, not knowing if they should help their comrade or flee for their lives. At this distance, they cannot counter attack. Their spells are out of range and their arrows cannot reach past the tower walls. While the Charr delay, the archers reload. Now with a point of reference to gauge their shots, the archers can further improve their aim. More arrows find their marks. A Charr Mesmer caught a shot clear through his head. Two Charr Warriors find their feet pinned to the ground, only to be shot repeatedly seconds later.

The faint screaming continues until most of the Charr are dead. Only one Charr remains alive. Badly bleeding, it runs in retreat. An archer is ready to take the killing shot. The bow string is taut and the aim is true — but the shot is not taken. TANK has given a cease fire order. TANK taunts the remaining Charr, “Good… GOOD… run back to your friends. Tell them that you went up against my guild… and lost. Ha ha ha!”

As soon as the Charr is out of view, TANK quickly stops his gloating. “Get ready men… and ladies… we’re going to be counter attacked. Go outside the walls and get as much wood a you can. Go scrounge around those Charr corpses too. Get as much metal as you find. We’re in for a long fight.”

You made the correct choice. Continue on to the next chapter!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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