Guild Wars: High Ground

Chapter 12: The Martyr of Ascalon – TANK shouts, “What are you doing here? My order also applies to you. Are you trying to talk me out of my decision? It won’t work.” All the while, TANK is single-handedly rearming the catapult. “Someone has to watch their backs. That someone has to be me.”

TANK fires off another boulder from the catapult. Screaming from the Charr can be heard from over the walls. TANK says, “Look, don’t make me have to toss you over the side too.”

You ignore his warning. Instead, you opt to cast Meteor Shower. You attack the Charr that are hacking at the gates. TANK shouts, “Hey friend, I really appreciate you trying to help out, but we can’t hold out forever.”

The faint cries in the background continue, but one of them sounds different — it’s human. TANK races to the wall. He suddenly realized that his plan was not perfect. It didn’t account for human error. Someone must have stumbled or made too much noise, for the secret route has been uncovered. The Charr have spotted the Ascalonians trying to escape from the tunnel. Lina and some others made it through safely, but many of the others did not. Now the Charr are using the tunnel to get into Wysoki Tower.

TANK says, “This is it. There’s no other way now. I’m going to have to destroy the tower.”

You look down into the courtyard. You can see the Charr climbing up the stairs. They’re coming for you. There is no way out and you only have magic left for one spell. It’s a scroll that you had been saving for this moment. But before you cast it, you grab TANK and throw him off the far side of the tower. While his strength is mighty, such an action was unexpected. What is going on. He was preparing to die. He was going to be a martyr for Ascalon, but then you tossed him off the side, into the valley below.

Why… why would you do such a thing? What spell could make sense out of all of this?

  • Mending – Your health regeneration increases faster than normal
  • Mist Form – Enchantment Spell. For short time, you cannot take or deal damage from attacks.
  • Reversal of Fortune – Enchantment Spell. For 8 seconds, the next time target ally would take damage, that ally gains that amount of Health instead, but the maximum is limited.
  • Protective Bond – While you maintain this Enchantment, target ally cannot lose more than 5% max Health due to damage from a single attack or Spell. When Protective Bond prevents damage, you lose some Energy or the Spell ends.

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