Guild Wars: High Ground

Fire StormFire Storm – This trusty spell is a boon for beginner Elementalists. If enough enemies are in the target area, the damage output is huge. In such situations, the energy efficiency is superb. This is a scenario where there is a high concentration of enemies, confined to a small space. If the Charr try to run down the hill, they’ll be vulnerable to another assault from the catapult. If the Charr move too far to the sides, they’ll fall off. If the Charr stand still, Fire Storm will burn them to a crisp. What option does that leave for the Charr?

Forward – which is exactly where you don’t want them to go! Fire Storm has no stopping power. There’s no crippling effect, no knockdown, no stun… nothing! The best that Fire Storm can do in this situation is slightly annoy your enemy.

Fire Storm was not the correct choice. Try Again!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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