Guild Wars: High Ground

Cry – Your forces are outnumbered 200 to 1. Even if every arrow in the tower found its mark, there still wouldn’t be enough ammo to kill all of the Charr. At best, maybe the tower defenses could cut the enemy forces in half. That still would require every man and woman in Wysoki tower to kill 100 charr each. TANK was right. There is only one outcome here — failure!

If the Charr were just one day slower. If the Ascalonians were just one day quicker, you would have been safe. Why did TANK wait so long to leave this place? Why did he save your life, only to doom it with an unwinnable situation? The stress begins to build in your body. The sadness grips your thoughts. You don’t want to die. You want to win. You want to taste victory and you want to conquer your enemies. Alas, that is not your fate. You suddenly see a vision of your future. You will die here. You will not make it out the escape tunnel. When you realize that your destiny is beyond your control, when you realize that you can no longer hope for a better life, you break down and cry.

Your comrades watch you weep. They too are afraid and sad. They might be better at concealing their emotions, but there is no happiness atop Wysoki Tower.

The final battle begins. Continue on to the next chapter!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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