Guild Wars: High Ground

Muddy TerrainMuddy Terrain – Ever experience one of those days where you don’t feel like getting out of bed? Maybe it’s a cloudy Monday. The rain splashes against your bedroom window, creating a lulling sensation. The sound is soothing but annoying. The repetitive noise makes you sleepy, but it’s too loud to stay in dreamland. As you lay in bed, you know that the rain is going to make your daily routine harder. Your shoes will be wet and soggy. The air will be thick and heavy. You just want to stay in and sleep, but you can’t. No, you have to drag yourself through the day. Muddy Terrain is like that for the battlefield.

By casting Muddy Terrain, that’s what you have become for this battle – a rainy Monday.

The Charr are drudging through the mud. They look rather annoyed at you. Yes, they can see you. Yes, they know it was you that made their day that much harder. Wow, they’re mad. One of them is cursing and making rude gestures at you. Luckily, you’re out-of-range. Otherwise, all of the Charr Archers would be focused on your head. Nothing would make them happier than to show your brain the light of day.

TANK looks confused. He fails to see how this spell has improved the situation. While the Charr advancement has been reduced, they’re still advancing. Meanwhile, it’s raining on the top of Wysoki Tower. The Ascalonian Archers are stationary. The movement penalty of Muddy Terrain isn’t much of a detriment to their objective. While an occasional sneeze might distract the soaked shooters, it isn’t hindering their ability to fire arrows. Although, it’s not helping much either. The Archers are still missing their targets, even if their targets are moving in slow motion.

Muddy Terrain was not the correct choice. Try again!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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