Guild Wars: High Ground

Fertile SeasonFertile Season – While you are annoyed with TANK’s rudeness, you understand the sense of urgency. The Charr must be stopped. Otherwise, Devona and her comrades will be trapped between the Shiverpeak Dwarves and the Charr forces. You grab the Fertile Season scroll. The parchment cracks as you unfurl it. The words are strung together like gibberish, but you read it anyway.

Suddenly, the sky opens up. The clouds blow away and a bright light shines from the heavens above. Blades of grass sprouts onto the battlefield. Red delicious applies drop from trees that were previously barren. Ripe tomatoes rise from the corners of Wysoki Tower. This is insane. Fresh food is appearing from nowhere.

Meanwhile, the Ascalonian Archers appear to be much healthier. Their hair is shiner and their skin is tan. Even their teeth seem whiter. Their muscles start to bulge and their armor begins to glow. You’ve increase the power of your allies. But in doing so, you’ve also assisted your enemies. The Charr too appear to be well groomed and now well fed. They momentarily stop their advancement to feast on the fresh food, but then they continue on with their mission.

TANK is not sure how to react. While munching on a vine full of grapes, he mutters, “I think you should try something else.”

Frozen Soil was not the correct choice. Try again!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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