KEEN stands for Key Environment. It was created to display “KeyCodes” for Web Developers.

Keen ScreenshotKEEN is now available on the Mac App Store

Instructions – Type a key on your keyboard to have the corresponding KeyCode (and KeyboardEvent.key too) display onscreen. The virtual keyboard will also highlight the pressed keys… usually… sometimes it doesn’t work right.

Q. Why would I need this?
A. I don’t know. Most people wouldn’t. This is a tool for web developers. I built this for myself, so I could quickly get KeyCodes for my HTML games. Unfortunately, I recently learned that KeyCodes are deprecated. (That means it’s being phased out.)

Q. So this app is useless?
A. Well, not exactly. I doubt KeyCodes are going away anytime soon. If web browsers start removing support for KeyCodes, that could seriously break some websites. But fortunately, the new “Key” property is also displayed in the “KEEN” app. If you want to know the exact string returned from an “e.key” event, then this app might be useful to you.

Q. Is this a trick to capture my keystrokes?
A. No, Photics doesn’t use this app to collect private information. (See the “Code of Honor” at I’m only interested in your money.

Q. But… uh… isn’t this app is free?!
A. Yeah, that’s kinda silly of me, isn’t it? Maybe one day this app will be useful enough to charge money for it. So, get it while it’s free!

Q. What additional features are you planning to add?
A. Well, if the download numbers are low, probably nothing. But if interest in this app is strong, then more detailed information about particular keys could be displayed. Other features could also be multi-language, button presses and special character support.

Q. Why did you call it “KEEN” and not something else?
A. The name I wanted was already taken.

Q. How did you make this?
A. It was built with Tumult Hype, HTML / JavaScript and Wrapping.

Q. Is there anything else I should know?
A. Nah, there’s not a whole lot to this app. Lower your expectations.