Guild Wars Explorer – A Beautiful Bridge

After killing more enemies, and wandering around the area, I was in for a surprise. I had discovered a bridge, but it didn’t look like any bridge I had seen before. I couldn’t understand it. Where’s the stereotypical rope bridge, or ominous roman arches? No, ArenaNet doesn’t think that way. They’re more creative than that. I realized this, once I figured out what I was standing on. I was in the middle of two stone breasts. The statue in the distance, it crumbled to form a bridge.

The Aria Sea holds a mysterious and beautiful bridge.
Have you ever seen a bridge like this?!

At that point, my tunnel vision subsided. I stopped to examine this structure. I was impressed. ArenaNet has guts and creativity to put something like this in a video game? I don’t think I’ve ever walked through a pair of giant boobs before. It was quite a unique gaming experience. A seemingly insignificant map would impress me. My vivid dream, it had become something of a reality. If you haven’t completed your first 15-attribute quest, or if you started in another chapter, you might want to visit this map. Experience one of the most unique bridges ever seen in a video game.