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The Stencyl Book Is On The Way!

Book cover previewThis is not an April Fools Day joke. doesn’t engage in such activities. This is serious news. After 2+ years of working on a Stencyl book, the project is now complete. It was a tough project, as learning Stencyl was more challenging than I expected. But unlike my struggles, soon the world will have access to this handy book. Perhaps it can speed up your understanding of Stencyl. Preorders are available – starting today – at the iBookstore!

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Ski Safari (iOS) Review and Hints

Ski SafariIt seems that I was late to the party with this one. Back in the Spring of 2012, Defiant Development launched Ski Safari. It’s a cute and fun skiing game. In a seemingly never-ending sea of iOS apps and games, it’s hard to stand out in the endless runner genre. I thought I pretty much had my fill with Tiny Wings and Agent Dash. But with Ski Safari, I was playing on my iPhone 4 like it was brand new.

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What’s Wrong About Black Friday Shopping?

Black Friday Gifts - Exploding is an international website. For much of the world, November 28, 2013 is just another Thursday. My friends in Canada, they celebrated their Thanksgiving Day over a month ago. So normally, I don’t write about issues that are exclusive to the United States. I also avoid topics like religion or politics. But after seeing lots of negative press about Black Friday shopping. I felt motivated to post up.

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Awesome Week For Apple

OS X Mavericks IconEarlier this week, I was a bit grumpy with Apple. I was beginning to wonder if the best days for the company were behind it. But wow, Apple had an impressive week. In my mind, it was a total turnaround for Apple. With the free upgrade to OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and a free upgrade to iWorks, Apple dealt a serious blow to Microsoft. This shows that Apple is still competitive and forward thinking. Meanwhile, I’m glad that I’ve been choosing Apple products over Google. That’s because Apple actually understands customer service.

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Disappointment With Apple’s Drive Replacement Program

MacBook Air Flash Drive - Thumbnail ImageLast August, when the flash drive died in a 2012 MacBook Air, I figured that I should replace it myself. Unfortunately, the Apple warranty had just expired — but this was a chance to expand the flash drive from 64 GB to 128 GB. The repair / upgrade set me back about $200 for parts. I did it myself. I considered the issue resolved, but then I read about Apple’s MacBook Air Flash Storage Drive Replacement Program. Apparently, this wasn’t just some random issue. It also looked like Apple was giving refunds. Would I be getting cash back from Apple?

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