A 10-Year Mission 🚀

Emoji – Rocket Liftoff from EarthPhotics.com is about to enter its 20th year of existence. That’s a fairly significant milestone. After publishing A Book About Hype, hitting #1 on the iTunes Book Store, there was an unanswered question about the future of this website – what’s next?! After two years of serious consideration, Photics is getting back into app development. Starting today, a 10 Year Mission officially begins. The idea is to create 10 apps a year for the next 10 years.

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What Rating Should You Give Your App?

12+ Rating Icon - App StoreThere’s an old saying — sex sells. But in my brief experience with a 17+ app, I think it’s the opposite on the iTunes App Store. I actually think that if you make your app too sexy, you might be hurting your sales. So, I took a closer look at BOT #1. The content is not really that objectionable. After further review, I decided to downgrade the app’s rating to 12+. I’m currently waiting for Apple to review and approve this change. And unlike the United States credit rating, this downgrade is a good thing!

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BOT – Game Design and Progress Reports

Bot - Progress ReportAfter careful study of the iTunes App Store, I think I have a better understanding on how to build successful games. I’ve started work on a rather ambitious project. I’m building a role-playing game called “BOT” — my most advanced game ever. In order to find success on the iTunes App Store, I believe it is necessary to build a high-quality game. Otherwise, my apps will drown in a sea of mediocrity. I’m aiming to take down Angry Birds and build the best iPhone app. This lofty goal is to ensure that my game is great.

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Secret Admirer – A Valentine’s Day App

It’s not easy to find love. But with hundreds of thousands of apps on the iTunes App Store, there’s probably an “app for that” too. With Valentine’s Day on the way, I decided that I would try to create my own app for the season of romance. Inspiration stuck me when I was looking at greeting cards. A piece of paper with words — such a simple thing seemed expensive when compared to an app. I set out to create a 99¢ app that could work as a creating card. The result – Secret Admirer. It’s part virtual card and part arcade.

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Happy New Year – It’s 2011

Wow, 2010 was tough. I learned a lot though. It was a year of mobile development. It was also the most successful year for Photics.com – ever! This site has been online for 12 years, so that’s quite a statement. Looking at where Photics.com is now, and where it was a dozen months ago, I can see real progress. App development has been a boon for this website. So, if you’re wondering why I haven’t updated this site more frequently, it’s because I’m working on new apps.

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