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The Stencyl Book Is On The Way!

Book cover previewThis is not an April Fools Day joke. doesn’t engage in such activities. This is serious news. After 2+ years of working on a Stencyl book, the project is now complete. It was a tough project, as learning Stencyl was more challenging than I expected. But unlike my struggles, soon the world will have access to this handy book. Perhaps it can speed up your understanding of Stencyl. Preorders are available – starting today – at the iBookstore!

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Improving The Photics App-Book Engine

Article Thumbnail - Revisions in XcodeAfter the Kindle Experiment, I knew that I had to put Revisions back on the iTunes App Store. Yet, I didn’t just want to chuck the same old code up on the site. This was my very first iPhone app. Two years later, it needed some improvement. I decided to push myself and battle with code. It’s been a grueling past few days, but I think the “Photics App-Book Engine” has improved improved significantly. The relaunch of Revisions includes four-way auto-rotational support, universal binary support and zooming. This should dramatically improve the books readability.

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Fall 2011 Roadmap

Road Signs ThumbnailThe years that has been in existence is close to hitting a baker’s dozen. That’s a really long time for a website. When was founded in 1998, it was started as an Internet Publishing business. Even today, the goal of this website remains the same — to create cool content. Yet, technology has changed the world. Publishing a book or a game is way different today. That’s the origin of the Fall 2011 Roadmap. During the next few months, I’ll be testing new technology. The aim of these experiments is to help grow.

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Photics Team Presents – A Contest For GameSalad Developers

The GameSalad forums seems to be growing more grumpy lately. Since that’s one of my favorite spots on the Internet, I’ve decided to give the developers something else to fight — instead of each other. Game development can be pretty competitive, but there’s something else that’s more important than making hit games. Living a healthy life, that’s more important. You can’t make games if you’re too sick or dead. But not everyone is a scientist or a doctor, so how can a bunch of game developers save lives? That’s where the Photics Team gets involved with a new contest!

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Apple Features Two Photics Apps

Sometimes it’s really hard to work on app creation. I’ve been doing the mobile development thing for almost two years now. While I have found some success, I’m far from early retirement. Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time. I’d probably would have made more money delivering pizzas or simply giving up and collecting unemployment. But every so often, a ray of sunshine rips through the darkness. I can see signs of inspiration — showing me that I’m on the right track.

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