YouTube Level 3 — Photics.TV 1000 Subscribers

Photics.TV 1,000 Subscribers FireworksAfter 186 videos, more than 327,000 combined views, and 15 months later, 1,000 people in the world decided to subscribe to Photics.TV. Are you one of those people?! If so, thanks! Hopefully you’re enjoying the content. It’s a mix of technology videos — tutorials, heroic tech support, tech news, reviews, gaming, and a lot of other fun stuff! The goal is to entertain and inform, which was a lesson learned from my traditional newspaper days.

Originally, it was estimated that it would take six months to get 1,000 YouTube subscribers. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of work that goes into creating these videos. After seeing so many people, with so many views and subscribers, how hard could it be? It was tough! It took much longer than I anticipated.

The original estimate was 6-12 months to reach 1,000 subscribers. After 15 months, the benchmark for monetization was achieved. 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 watch hours, no strikes, and two-factor authentication enabled unlocks YouTube Level 3…

✅ — 1 video (Get started)
✅ — 100 Subscribers (Personalized URL)
✅ — 1,000 Subscribers (Get paid)
🔲 — 100,000 Subscribers (Get a pretty award)

YouTube Requirement For Monetization

So, what’s next for the channel? Well, the next major milestone is 100,000 subscribers, which earns a pretty award. (I’m not sure if anything special happens at 10,000.) But more importantly, the plan is to make more videos, hopefully even better videos. The general idea is that Photics.TV is a force for good! While the focus is on technology videos, it’s nice to help people. There have been many fantastic comments, suggesting that many people have found the videos entertaining and helpful.

More of that is a good thing! 🙂