Widgets 4.5 — Random!

Widgets Thumbnail — DiceEver wonder why Steve Jobs always wore the same outfit? Apparently, it helps reduce decision fatigue. Instead of deciding what clothes to put on, just wearing the same thing is one less thing to worry about. But, as the saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.” What if you’re having trouble deciding to eat Pizza or Chinese food for lunch? That’s where a new widget in the “Widgets” app can help.

By simplify flipping a virtual coin, it’s easy to decide between two things. Heads is Pizza, and Tails is Chinese!

Widgets 4.5 — Coin

Ah… pizza it is! 🍕😋

But what if you had six things to choose from – Pizza, pasta, burgers, chicken, fish, or Chinese? Well, that’s where tossing a six-sided die can help.

Widgets 4.5 — Dice

This one is actually better suited for games. What if you trekked all the way out into the woods to play a board game with your friends, but you forgot or lost the dice? Well, that’s where this widget might help.

Widgets is the macOS version of this app, while Apparatuses is the iOS version of this app. So, while you might not bring your Mac laptop into the wilderness, most people travel with their mobile phones.

Widgets 4.5 — Card

Also for fun, I added the ability to pick a random card.

But, what if you need to pick a random number that is not covered by a coin, six sided dice, or a single choice in a deck of cards? Well, you can simply specify a range of numbers, and the “Random Number” portion of this widget can go to work. As an example, if you wanted to roll a 20-sided die, just enter a range from 1 to 20.

Widgets 4.5 — Number


But here’s what’s really nice about this widget — it can detect decimals. If you want more precision in your random numbers, then you can use decimals in either the “From” or “To” fields.

I think this widget looks better as a fixed square, but that’s up to you. By default, it uses the automatic stretchy layout.

This update also includes some fixes. The “Reminders” widget stopped working in macOS 13, which is also known as Ventura. It was a permissions problem, so that should be working now.

Widgets 4.5 — Reminders

Heh, I suppose I can check this item off my To-Do list. ✅

Also, a typo in 2 Maccabees 7:34 was fixed. That’s with the Catholic Public Domain version of the bible. Another change is with the Second Calculator. I changed the tab icon to be more square, rather than three lines. I kept confusing it as an equal sign. So, hopefully the new character makes it clearer. The idea is that you can switch between the “Second Calculator” and the “Quick: Percentage” views.

There are a lot of widgets now, so some common features are combined to keep things less cluttered. I like how the widgets can fill up the whole screen now. It’s a lot of power presented in one view.

Anyway, that’s the version 4.5 update of the Widgets app. Hopefully you enjoy the new features.