The Widgets War

Audio Widget ThumbnailWhile not as dire sounding as the title of this article, (I like alliteration.) I’m in the middle of a battle. The difficultly of creating widgets was severely underestimated. Every single widget (except maybe the clock) has been a struggle. What’s even more surprising is how much I love it. It’s an epic challenge of man-vs-machine. The thrill of victory, in this cerebral conflict, is exhilarating.

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Widgets Preview – Switching Themes

Color Explosion Thumbnail – Color PaletteAbout two weeks from now is the deadline for Widgets. The app is set for preorder, which makes September 23, 2019 a hard deadline. With so much work to do, why fuss with coloring? Customization is a key feature of Widgets. The idea is to make this app something that you’ll want to use every day. Being able to change the look of the app helps keep it fresh. Customization also makes the app more inviting to more people.

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Widgets Preview – Slide Puzzle Settings

If / Else – Slide Puzzle Code ThumbnailIt’s Labor Day, so I worked. It’s a national holiday, but there’s something nice about three-day weekends. It really helps in making progress on big projects. For the last three days, the focus has been on adding customization to the Widgets app. This task really needed that level of concentration. It’s a mix of design and development. The various inputs need to function, but they also need to look nice too. After three tough days, the results are quite nice.

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An Important Note About The Weather Widget

Weather Widget – Hurricane ThumbnailWhat does it mean to live a good life? Being rich definitely has its perks, which is a reason to pursue app development. There’s a lot of money to be made. However, to truly have an app hit it big, it has to be a benefit to customers. That’s what a truly meaningful life is about – helping others. Not only is that the secret to living a good life, it’s also the key to building a good app. That’s why I think “Widgets” is special. This app has the potential to save lives.

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