Flipping A Card With HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

Flipping the Queen of HeartsIt is possible to create 3D graphics on the web. It should be even better as browsers improve. As an example, the “model” HTML tag has lots of potential. But what if you don’t want to wait, or what if you want something extremely lightweight? For flipping cards, simple CSS can create a sense of perspective. That’s what this tutorial is about.

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[🦸🏼‍♀️#1] HELP! My Map Doesn’t Work!

Hero #1 — Maps (Thumbnail)Over at Photics.TV, a new series of videos has begun. In short, it’s a heroic tech support. Now that might sound like two entirely different things, but look at the world we live in today. It’s very informational and very technological. One of the biggest troubles of the modern age is managing all that data. In particular, we’re told “learn to code” but the specifics on accomplishing that objective is a bit fuzzy.

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Free Template Tuesday #31 – Tumult Hype “Navigating”

Navigating ThumbnailPhotics.com is not a Tumult fansite. Sure, I like Hype, but I tell it to you straight. The software has its strengths and weaknesses. One of those weaknesses is scene management. The app becomes quite cumbersome to work with when you have more than a few scenes. While some changes can be made globally, modifying multiple scenes generally turns into a clickfest. To mitigate that problem, I’m pleased to present the “Navigating” template.

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Five Typical Programming Mistakes For Beginners

Keyboard ExplosionHappy Pi Day! Since Snow Storm Stella has rendered outdoor travel hazardous, I decided to use the extra time to help out new programmers. The reality is that programmers spend a lot of time in front of computer screens, regardless if it’s snowy or sunny outside. This article is to help beginners maximize their efforts, to focus on useful endeavors, rather than struggling with issues that so many programmers battled with in the past. Here are five typical mistakes that beginning programers make.

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