Giving “Grandma” Artificial Intelligence

Emoji – Pondering Artificial IntelligenceIf you haven’t noticed already, I’ve been working on a new game. It’s called Circles with Grandma. It’s a game from my childhood, which I’m modernizing for today’s generations. It’s a nice family-friendly game, which is great for the holidays. It’s almost finished too. There’s only one major task to complete – add artificial intelligence. Four decades ago, I played this game with a pencil (or pen) and a piece of paper. It was meant to be played with two people. Today, the computer can take over when not enough people are around.

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Hurricane Hermine Inspired Game Development

Hurricane Hermine - Labor Day Weekend ForecastLabor Day weekend is when people across the United States enjoy the last few days of Summer. While Fall doesn’t start until September 22, most people go back to work or school after the holiday weekend. Celebrations usually involve backyard barbecues or long days at the beach. But with Hurricane Hermine looming up the East Coast, it’s looking like a wet and windy mess for much of the break. So, I decided to turn it into a super-nerdy weekend. I decided this was the perfect moment to work on B.R.O.O.M.

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What Does Plumbing Have To Do With Game Development?

Three shower handlesIn my bathroom, the shower was leaking. I had been fighting with this issue for about five years, which is almost the same amount of time that I’ve been using GameSalad. Then one day, the hot water faucet stopped working. Instead of turning off the water, the handle just went around in circles. The frustration I experienced is similar to the frustration that I’ve been having with Game Development software. It’s a matter of having good tools!

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Annoyed Tomatoes Back Online

Annoyed TomatoesIt took a while, but now I’m starting to master Stencyl. After nearly two years of working on many unfinished Stencyl projects, I finally finished a full game. Today, Annoyed Tomatoes returns as an online Flash game. Annoyed Tomatoes originated as an iOS app, which was meant to be an Angry Birds clone. But somehow, it morphed into a shooter. Yeah, it’s a little goofy, but it’s part of Photics history. It was also a great learning experience. Now I’m better prepared for completing my Stencyl book.

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Bringing Back Bot

BOT - ThumbnailI have great plans for this website — like launching another book and creating an online arcade — but I’ll have to grind through some tedious work first. I’m thinking about bringing back BOT. This could be the first complete game in the new Photics Arcade. But to do that, I’ll have to port the project from GameSalad to Stencyl. It’s quite mundane work, but I’m making great progress. I’ll be posting comments in this post about my progress, so you can follow along.

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