Bringing Back Bot

BOT - ThumbnailI have great plans for this website β€”Β like launching another book and creating an online arcade β€” but I’ll have to grind through some tedious work first. I’m thinking about bringing back BOT. This could be the first complete game in the new Photics Arcade. But to do that, I’ll have to port the project from GameSalad to Stencyl. It’s quite mundane work, but I’m making great progress. I’ll be posting comments in this post about my progress, so you can follow along.

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What Rating Should You Give Your App?

12+ Rating Icon - App StoreThere’s an old saying β€” sex sells. But in my brief experience with a 17+ app, I think it’s the opposite on the iTunes App Store. I actually think that if you make your app too sexy, you might be hurting your sales. So, I took a closer look at BOT #1. The content is not really that objectionable. After further review, I decided to downgrade the app’s rating to 12+. I’m currently waiting for Apple to review and approve this change. And unlike the United States credit rating, this downgrade is a good thing!

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BOT #1 Now Available on iTunes

BOT #1 - Article ThumbnailIt was a bit of a struggle with Apple to get “Project: Salvage” approved, but Apple finally gave the OK. BOT #1 is now available on the iTunes App Store. This entertainment app is a graphic novel / comic book. The story is based on the storyline from BOT. If you’ve played the game, but you wondered what was going on, this app was made for you. Additionally, this app is a way to promote the game. BOT #1 is a free app and a great introduction to this sci-fi adventure.

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“Project: Salvage” β€” Too Hot For iTunes?

BOT - Is it too hot for iTunes?In order to increase popularity of BOT, I started working on “Project: Salvage”. That’s the code name for my secret app. It was recently reviewed by Apple. But much to my surprise, it was rejected. Apparently, I made the app a bit too sexy for iTunes. I thought I was being incredibly conservative with the way I presented the app. So, I had to go back and cover up some things.

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BOT (for iPad) Promo Code Giveaway!

BOT (for iPad) launched today and it’s already off to a great start. When I checked earlier this morning, BOT was ranked #58 in Role-Playing β€” just ahead of Braveheart HD. Considering that I enjoyed iPhone version of Braveheart, I’m pleased with how the launch is going so far. Apple even got the “Release Date” listing right. But this is not enough! No, BOT needs more promotion! So, I’m giving away promo codes today! :)

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