BOT - ThumbnailBOT is a science-fiction adventure game. Play as TANK, a giant — and sentient — machine. TANK defends the remaining human population from the hostile AI. Carrying with a machine gun and a sword, TANK is well armed. He can defeat enemies to collect coins and defeat boss enemies to collect upgrades. Once all the upgrades are found, “Survivor” mode becomes accessible. How long can you last?

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BOT Preview Screenshots

BOT has been a super secret project for months now. Despite constant requests for in-game screenshots, the game was shrouded in secrecy. It was tough to say no to these requests. I stopped myself for a few reasons. Part of it was to protect the content from theft. The other was uncertainty. Is this game really going to be great? As the secrecy continued, uncertainty increased. I wondered if people would actually like my game. But eventually, the demand for screenshots was too loud to ignore. So, at last, here are six screenshots from BOT.

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Testing Game Center Leaderboards

Thumbnail - Testing Game Center LeaderboardsThings are getting exciting. This week, GameSalad was updated to version 0.9.3. Now it support’s Game Center Leaderboards — one of Apple’s social networking features for iOS games. I’ve been testing this feature with BOT, my new science-fiction role-playing game. This project has been an extreme challenge. But overall, the results have been amazing. This could be the biggest “Photics” project in the 12+ year history of the business. The game should be ready soon, but there are still some important matters to resolve.

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BOT – Game Design and Progress Reports

Bot - Progress ReportAfter careful study of the iTunes App Store, I think I have a better understanding on how to build successful games. I’ve started work on a rather ambitious project. I’m building a role-playing game called “BOT” — my most advanced game ever. In order to find success on the iTunes App Store, I believe it is necessary to build a high-quality game. Otherwise, my apps will drown in a sea of mediocrity. I’m aiming to take down Angry Birds and build the best iPhone app. This lofty goal is to ensure that my game is great.

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