What Does Plumbing Have To Do With Game Development?

Three shower handlesIn my bathroom, the shower was leaking. I had been fighting with this issue for about five years, which is almost the same amount of time that I’ve been using GameSalad. Then one day, the hot water faucet stopped working. Instead of turning off the water, the handle just went around in circles. The frustration I experienced is similar to the frustration that I’ve been having with Game Development software. It’s a matter of having good tools!

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ROUND 2: GameSalad vs Stencyl

Stencyl vs GameSalad - Round 2 - ThumbnailA little over three months ago, I posted an assessment of two powerful game creation applications. Which one would win in a fight? I didn’t really declare a winner, as choosing between Stencyl or GameSalad is essentially a matter of preference. Yet, things did not stand still. During the last three months, one of the competitors dramatically improved. That competitor is GameSalad. Is there a clear winner in the game development battle now?

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GameSalad Template – Dual Controllers

Dual Controls ThumbnailWhile frequenting the GameSalad forums, I spotted an interesting thread. Apparently, the default template for creating dual controllers is a bit buggy. I know the frustration that this can cause, as my first GameSalad project didn’t go so smoothly. The virtual joysticks would jam, creating a rather broken gaming experience. Fortunately, I designed my own system to resolve this problem. A free template is available for download.

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GameSalad Gets Better With Version 0.9.92

GameSalad Pro ThumbnailIf you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been the biggest fan of GameSalad lately. However, I was watching the progress of the software. I was looking for something that would reignite the enthusiasm that I once had. I’m thinking that other developers must have felt the same way, because GameSalad launched “Community Love Week”. From March 26-30, GameSalad showed their appreciation for game developers. It was cute, but the highlight of the week for me was the release of GameSalad 0.9.92.

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GameSalad vs Stencyl

Stencyl vs GameSalad Thumbnail - Round 1 - Fight!OK, it seems a lot of you are hitting my website because you searched for “GameSalad vs. Stencyl” or “iStencyl vs. GameSalad”. As the author of The Unofficial GameSalad Textbook, it seems that my answer to that challenge might be highly biased. Yet, an honest answer can be determined by my actions — or inaction. My GameSalad subscription has expired. I haven’t renewed. That’s because iStencyl gives me more development power at a cheaper price. Yet, what if you prefer simplicity over power? What works for me might not work for you. That’s why I decided to write a guide, to help you decide which drag-and-drop editor is best for you.

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