Arch Fiery

Arch Fiery - ThumbnailI’ve played some great platformers, like Super Mario Bros. But unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t want to launch their games on iOS. So, I decided to make my own platformer. One of the coolest things about Mario and Luigi’s adventure was the ability to shoot fireballs — but what if you could play as the fireball? That’s the basic premise of Arch Fiery. It’s a game where it’s OK to play with fire!

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GameSalad Font Sheet

While working on Arch Fiery, I started wondering about fonts. What should my numbers look like? I’m using the built-in typesets to save on performance. That does limit my options, but GameSalad has improved from the early days. Currently, there are fourteen different fonts to choose from. I decided to create a quick-reference, to show what each of these fonts look like. I put it on so I could access it quickly, but it might be helpful to you too. :)

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GameSalad Updated to 0.9.7

At some point, the GameSalad developers are going to run out of numbers. With the 0.9.7 update, the software is inching even closer to the 1.0 mark — out of beta. According to the GameSalad Roadmap, the software is supposed to leave beta this Summer. With less than a month left in the season, will the schedule stay intact? After checking out 0.9.7, I’m a bit skeptical. Only three new features were introduced — iOS Keyboard, Device Clock and Debugger. Although, these additions do create new possibilities for game creators.

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Helpful List For GameSalad Developers

GameSalad Salad Bowl Icon — Feed Me!So, you want to be a game developer? You’ve decided to take the plunge. You’ve got yourself a shiny new Mac Mini — with no optical drive — and a copy of GameSalad. What are you supposed to do next? How do you create content? Where do you get helpful applications? How do you get started? That blank slate can be intimidating. GameSalad is great software but it’s only part of what’s needed in creating, publishing and marketing a Mac or iOS app. But with these useful links, your project can get a nice jump-start.

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Easy Applications To Make You More Like A Professional

Hard work, that’s supposed to be the secret to success… right? Technology changes that. Humans are the dominate species on this planet because of tools. We can make things that make our life easier. That’s what software developers do. They’re creating software to make your life easier. Their hard work is your gain, but some are really exceptional at their trade. There are applications that are so simple to use, so powerful by design, they can replace years of study and training.

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