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Enjoying The Holidays With The iPad Air 2

Emoji - Christmas Tree With Gift BoxFor technology and gadget lovers, there were two main Black Friday sales at Best Buy this season – a 50″ Panasonic LED TV for $199.00 (regularly $549.99) and an iPad Air 2 for $100 off. Since I wasn’t looking for a new TV, I started focusing on a new iPad. Originally, I wasn’t a fan of the iPad. I didn’t see the purpose of it. But after reviewing the specs of the iPad Air 2, and after seeing all the crazy holiday sales, I decided that I should get one.

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Where’s the Turkey / Thanksgiving Emoji?

Emoji - No Turkey?Emoji are to text messages as a turkey dinner is to Thanksgiving in the United States. A problem occurs when all four of these things are combined. How does one send a festive text message to someone celebrating Thanksgiving? It seems like such a trivial issue, but probably lots of people have been sifting through their iPhone’s special characters – looking for a good turkey icon. I was one of those people. I looked through the People, Nature, Objects, Places and Symbols categories. I started wondering, “Where’s the thanksgiving icon?”

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The Poor Man’s Retina (HiDPI) Mac

Mac OS X - System Preferences Icon Apple’s new iMac with Retina Display is pretty impressive. With 14,745,600 pixels, the image is quite sharp. Unfortunately, it also starts at $2,499. That’s well out of my budget for a new computer. I also looked at the new MacBook Pros with Retina Displays. Starting at $1,299, I still felt that was too expensive. The problem is that HiDPI screenshots are required for my next book project. Shouldn’t there be a more affordable way to take high-quality screenshots?

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Pages vs iBooks Author – Which Is Better For Ebooks?

Pages vs iBooks AuthorBy reading the articles on this website, it’s not too hard to see that I like Apple products. Although, I can still be critical of the company. I recently gave Apple a 1-star review for iBooks Author. This review on iTunes was rated helpful over 150 times. Why? What’s the problem with a free program? It’s simple. Just compare iBooks Author to Pages. Both applications can create ebooks, but only one does it without strings attached.

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Three Reasons Why Today’s Video Games Suck!

Emoji - Video Games SuckWith all of the glorious technology available to humanity, shouldn’t this be a golden age of video gaming? Why am I so underwhelmed by the latest releases of software – or even hardware? I didn’t run out to buy an Xbox One (what a stupid name for a console), Nintendo Wii U (yet another stupid name for a console) or a PlayStation 4. Not even the 99¢ (or even free) games on iOS have been enjoyable lately. Why? What’s wrong? I thought about it and found three big issues – problems that are fairly new to gaming.

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