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Arch Fiery - ThumbnailI’ve played some great platformers, like Super Mario Bros. But unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t want to launch their games on iOS. So, I decided to make my own platformer. One of the coolest things about Mario and Luigi’s adventure was the ability to shoot fireballs — but what if you could play as the fireball? That’s the basic premise of Arch Fiery. It’s a game where it’s OK to play with fire!

Here’s the story…

Take control of a futuristic military weapon — a miniaturized star. The “Arch Fiery” is an advanced prototype. It was designed to protect humanity from the AI threat. But during a routine systems test, something went astray. The fiery orb crash landed into a distant forest. Propulsion systems have been damaged. The Arch Fiery can no longer fly. It can only jump.

Arch is an old word for chief, top or main… like an archangel. Fiery is more obvious – it’s something on fire. That’s where the game’s name originates. By using particles and additive color blending, a cool fire effect is created. Arch Fiery is a game built around a vivid fireball.

iPhone / iPod Touch Features:

  • Retina Display Graphics
  • Two control types (On-Screen or Accelerometer)
  • Designed to be fun for casual or advanced players
  • Designed to be pretty — nice particle effects
  • Designed to be family friendly — suitable for all ages

Arch Fiery is part platformer and part racer… with a dash of puzzle elements. Each level is an obstacle course. The objective is to guide the fireball to the goal as quickly as possible, while navigating through the hazards. If the fireball hits a hazard, it becomes damaged and will shrink. Collect power-ups to increase the size of the fireball.

The Burnt Forest Promo
The Burnt Forest is the first group of levels. This collection is great for the Fall season, as the barren trees are quite fitting for Halloween or the approaching Winter. The first level of The Burnt Forest is like a tutorial, where new players can practice jumping.

Points are awarded at the end of the level, based on stars collected, power and time. If a level is locked, it can be unlocked by completing the preceding level. Progress is automatically saved, so you can play through the game on your own schedule.

Notice about Halloween — This app is time sensitive. Something festive happens during the second-half of October to celebrate the holiday. And in general, “The Burnt Forest” is a great match for the season.

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    1. Hi! :)

      I’ve been busy with some other projects… like a new textbook (StencylWorks) and something not related to this website. I haven’t given up on Arch Fiery though. I’m in the process of converting my GameSalad apps to Android.

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