Arch Fiery

It’s for Mac too! — Since this game was made with a Mac, it’s only fitting that it can be played on a Mac. :)

Sizzle City - Promo
Sizzle City is the second collection of levels. It boasts lots of wall jumping and building hopping. In these levels, the Arch Fiery is like part Superhero and part pinball. And yet, these crazy movements are accomplished with only three main actions — left, right and up.

If you like this game, and you would like to see more levels, you can say so in the comments section. If there are lots of great reviews and encouraging words, the more likely this game will be expanded. This app has been thoroughly tested. But if you see a technical issue, you don’t have to freak out. Instead, you can use the contact form to report a problem with the app.

If you really like the game, you might be interested in the Arch Fiery Title Screen wallpaper. If you want to change your desktop background with a new look, here’s the splash screen from the game.

Arch Fiery is in review. If you would like to receive an email when the game becomes available, simply leave a comment on this page with a valid email address.

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    1. Hi! :)

      I’ve been busy with some other projects… like a new textbook (StencylWorks) and something not related to this website. I haven’t given up on Arch Fiery though. I’m in the process of converting my GameSalad apps to Android.

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