Now on the App Store… Photics: Revisions – Course Correction

Wow, what speed. For about two years, the “Course Correction” project sat on the back-burner. But in a little over two weeks since I started using GameSalad, my game is on the App store. I’m impressed with the quality of this App. This is one of my best projects ever. The game has good graphics, great sound and the presentation is professional. Apple seems to have picked up their game too. I submitted my App on Friday. By Monday my game was available for sale. For only 99¢  you can download this game to your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch, a browser version should be available in the future. This is the start of a new era for this website and I’m really excited about it!

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Course Correction Artwork

Ever see those big-shot game developers showing off their Concept artwork? As a gamer, I enjoyed seeing previews from the next big game. But as a independent developer, I don’t have the pressure to impress the venture capitalists or hype the community. I somehow doubt that a screenshot is really going to make a difference in future sales… but do I know that for sure? No, so maybe I should try it. Do you want to see what I’ve been working on this week? I do admit, this makes me nervous. Will you like it? Will you steal my ideas? It’s a wonder why game developers even bother talking to gamers until the game is done. Maybe it’s because they like to show off their best work… I know I do!

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Photics: Revisions – Course Correction (Can it be done?)

It all starts with an idea. There’s a vision in my head… a space-shooter video game. I’ve been wanting to make a video game based on my book Photics: Revisions. With the iPhone and GameSalad, there appears to be a road to victory, but can it be done? I’m not sure, but I’m going to document my progress. The more I research the matter, the more confident I become. Yet, the idea to make “Photics: Revisions – Course Correction” is not new. That idea has been bouncing around in my brain for years. Has technology finally caught up to fantasy? Do I finally have the tools to make my dreams a reality?

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The Future of Flash Looks Bad

Adobe Flash, I’m not seeing a bright future for you. It seems pretty clear that HTML 5 is going to be a new favorite. Look at the big three rivals – Microsoft, Apple and Google. Microsoft has Silverlight. Apple just announced the iPad – without Flash support. And as for Google, they do things with AJAX and basic browser features. If video is going to be a standard function of future browsers, why should I keep wasting money for upgrades of Adobe Flash? Why should I force visitors to use a third-party plug-in? If rival companies are coming to the same outcome, a world without Flash, then why should I support it?

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