BOT - ThumbnailBOT is a science-fiction adventure game. Play as TANK, a giant โ€” and sentient โ€” machine. TANK defends the remaining human population from the hostile AI. Carrying with a machine gun and a sword, TANK is well armed. He can defeat enemies to collect coins and defeat boss enemies to collect upgrades. Once all the upgrades are found, “Survivor” mode becomes accessible. How long can you last?

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Secret Admirer – A Valentine’s Day App

It’s not easy to find love. But with hundreds of thousands of apps on the iTunes App Store, there’s probably an “app for that” too. With Valentine’s Day on the way, I decided that I would try to create my own app for the season of romance. Inspiration stuck me when I was looking at greeting cards. A piece of paper with words โ€” such a simple thing seemed expensive when compared to an app. I set out to create a 99ยข app that could work as a creating card. The result – Secret Admirer. It’s part virtual card and part arcade.

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The Poor Man’s Apple TV

When I first learned about the 2010 Apple TV, I thought it was an amazing. This device represented an opportunity for Apple to truly enter the living room โ€” with a gaming console. Apple’s iTunes App Store is already putting fear into Nintendo. The biggest threat to the Wii and the Nintendo DS is not from Sony or Microsoft, but from Apple. With 99ยข games and ubiquitous Apple hardware, Nintendo is in trouble. The Apple TV can literally be a game-changer. But instead, the latest version of Apple TV has been rather wimpy.

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Apple Features Two Photics Apps

Sometimes it’s really hard to work on app creation. I’ve been doing the mobile development thing for almost two years now. While I have found some success, I’m far from early retirement. Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time. I’d probably would have made more money delivering pizzas or simply giving up and collecting unemployment. But every so often, a ray of sunshine rips through the darkness. I can see signs of inspiration โ€” showing me that I’m on the right track.

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Fruit Ninja Review

Fruit Ninja ThumbnailFruit Ninja is one of the most popular iOS apps, but there was something a little odd about this game. Why do ninjas hate fruit? That’s basically the entire premise of the game’s lore. You play as a ninja that slices fruit in half โ€” in a seemingly violent fashion. If you’re looking for a rich plot, filled with detailed character development, this game will not satisfy your search. You can play through the entire game without ever seeing a ninja. Perhaps this is a video game about the best ninja ever.

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