Happy New Year – It’s 2011

Wow, 2010 was tough. I learned a lot though. It was a year of mobile development. It was also the most successful year for Photics.com – ever! This site has been online for 12 years, so that’s quite a statement. Looking at where Photics.com is now, and where it was a dozen months ago, I can see real progress. App development has been a boon for this website. So, if you’re wondering why I haven’t updated this site more frequently, it’s because I’m working on new apps.

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Cut The Rope – Review

Cut the Rope - Thumbnail - Feed with CandyThis is a family friendly puzzle game from Chillingo and ZeptoLab. The concept is to feed a monster called “Om Nom”. It likes candy. This sugary sustenance is delivered by slicing ropes in a strategic fashion. One of the first things that popped into my head while playing this game was… why… why am I feeding this monster? This mysterious creature just shows up at my door and I’m supposed to feed it? How is this not the start of an alien invasion? What is Om Nom going to be when it grows up? With a steady diet of candy, I don’t think it’s going to be good.

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iBomber Defense Review

iBomber Defense - ThumbnailWith owning an iOS device, it’s almost obligatory to play some type of tower defense game. There are lots to choose from, but I decided to pick up iBomber Defense first. The app’s feature set is pretty robust. It has Game Center, Retina Display graphics and universal binary support. After viewing the professional looking graphics, I decided to try the app out. It was only 99¢, so I didn’t see it as a big loss. Plus, Chillingo seems to know what they’re doing.

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Osmos Review

Osmos - ThumbnailOsmos plays like an adventure in biology or astronomy. You control a bluish life-form known as a “mote”. To grow, you must consume other motes. You can eat these other life-forms by bumping into them. However, if you are the smaller life-form, you will be consumed. If that wasn’t concerning enough, changing your velocity will cause you to shrink. Tapping the screen causes the bluish life-form to shoot out a small piece of itself, propelling the mote in the opposite direction.

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Braveheart Review

Braveheart - ThumbnailWhile searching for quality apps to review, I found Braveheart. I was a bit confused by the title. “Mel Gibson has a game?” No, the app from Gaijin Entertainment is not about the classic movie. Instead, this app is more of a traditional role-playing game. To be clear, this app is not about William Wallace and his struggle for Scottish independence. Instead, it is about an alcoholic knight who quests for the Holy Grail. The story starts off with Richard drinking too much and ending up in trouble with the royal family. Instead of being sentenced to death, Richard must redeem himself by finding the holy grail.

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