Braveheart Review

For example, the Assassin and Master Assassin skill can demolish bosses. Destroying enemies in a single shot with “Death Blow” also mixes things up. Although, lightning magic is awesome. The quicker perks with Wisdom is also a boon. It’s great system, as it has good balance. Perhaps the best build is one that matches your personality or mood. Do you want to shoot, smash or zap your enemies?

Braveheart - Oblivion Elixir
If you messed up your points, all is not lost. An oblivion elixir can reset your points.

There are a lot of enemies too. The battles can be hectic and bloody. I don’t think this is a good game for younger players, as the game is a little too gritty. The main character is somewhat misogynistic too. This isn’t exactly a family friendly game. All the references to the devil might be offensive to religious players. I simply avoided any of those dark weapons or perks.

Good game design is about being sensitive to real world issues. Richard is a mighty hero, but he’s got a bad side to him. If you like the main character to be a bit edgy, then you might enjoy the game’s lore. I think the game would have been stronger if some of the offensive aspects were cleaned up a bit.

It’s unfortunate that this game carries on the stereotypes of the genre, because the other aspects of the game are excellent. The music is great, the graphics are great and the game is great challenge. With 20 story levels, a hunting mode, perks, weapons and elixirs, the game has a decent amount of content. This isn’t World of Warcraft. You can play through normal mode in about a day. Yet, at 99¢, the game is a tremendous value.

Even if the game is a bit easy for experienced RPG players, the game has in-app purchases. You can exchange real-world currency for Braveheart gold. I found this to be unnecessary. I was able to afford the lofty Excalibur sword, without needing to buy gold. There are plenty of virtual items to get in the game, but it can be achieved by saving. Buying gold is like paying for a cheat code.

I think I figured out a cheat. On some levels, particularly in Dragon Mountain, there are monster generators. Instead of destroying the banners that spawn the monsters, I simply left Richard to spin around. This was an easy way to gain experience. I didn’t see any limit to fighting in this fashion. With points spent on Flail, Richard’s movements appeared to be self-sustaining. It occurred to me that I might be able to leave my iPhone on overnight, waking up to the maximum level. I didn’t fully test this cheat, as I didn’t want to cheapen the quest. Enjoy the journey. I recommend staying away from gold or experience cheats.

This isn’t Everquest. Braveheart is a snack sized RPG. It doesn’t take months for Richard to level up. It’s more like hours. Combat is fun and engaging – where good thinking and good gaming skills make a difference. Overall, it’s an entertaining adventure.