The Poor Man’s Apple TV

When I first learned about the 2010 Apple TV, I thought it was an amazing. This device represented an opportunity for Apple to truly enter the living room — with a gaming console. Apple’s iTunes App Store is already putting fear into Nintendo. The biggest threat to the Wii and the Nintendo DS is not from Sony or Microsoft, but from Apple. With 99¢ games and ubiquitous Apple hardware, Nintendo is in trouble. The Apple TV can literally be a game-changer. But instead, the latest version of Apple TV has been rather wimpy.

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Netflix Instant Streaming on the Wii and PS3 – Without Discs

It is inevitable. CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays will go the way of the Dodo. The popular storage mediums of today will become no more important than 8-Track tape players or 5¼ floppy disks. A recent change to Netflix is one of the many catalysts for the impending obsolescence. You no longer need a disc to launch streaming video on your Wii or PlayStation 3 gaming consoles. Instead, you can simply download the Netflix software directly to the machine. I tested out the new software. The convenience was impressive.

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The Netflix Experience – Wii vs. PlayStation 3

Wii Console - Thumbnail for Netflix Review ArticleI’m late to the party on this one, but I finally tried Netflix. After years and years of ignoring television commercials and banner advertisements for Netflix, instant download movies and TV shows have entered my home. Disks in red envelopes are appearing in my mailbox too. But if not for the Wii and the Playstation 3, I probably would have continued to miss out on the joys of modern day movie rentals. Long gone are the days in Brooklyn, where I would run down to the local video store. As for Blockbuster video, you were cool in the 90’s. But today, a gaming console does so much more than play games.

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New Super Mario Bros Wii Review

With Super Mario Galaxy, my interest in Nintendo’s classic series started to wane. I just didn’t see how the game could get much better. It was starting to feel so repetitive. Soon after clearing Super Mario Galaxy, I wasn’t obsessive about finding every last secret. But two years later, I wandered into Best Buy. That’s where I would find new excitement for the franchise. On display was the New Super Mario Bros Wii. The game went retro. It’s the traditional 2D style controls, tempered with modern graphics. Oh, and four people can play at the same time. Those seemingly minor additions added life to a 24 year old game.

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Wii Fit Plus Review

wii-fit-plus-thumbnailWith the holidays, kids (and adults) tend to focus on that one big gift. Maybe they want a new game console or a fancy new toy. Yet, they may have forgotten about all of those expensive gifts from the past… like Wii Fit. You know, the $90 scale that’s collecting dust in the corner. With the tough economy, parents want to save money. Yet, they don’t want to disappoint their loved ones either. That’s why I think Wii Fit Plus should be considered as a stocking stuffer gift… or for Hanukkah… or just for fun. If you have a Balance Board that’s lacking attention, Wii Fit Plus can give new life to an old toy.

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