Nintendo Internet Channel Updated With Improved Adobe Flash Support

nintendo-internet-channel-thumbnailMore than two weeks had past since I played Wii Fit. The animated Balance Board avatar must have been stewing with fury. Somewhere, in the real world, I wasn’t exercising. Oh sure, I was outside, walking and enjoying the pleasant weather. Yet, that wasn’t good enough for my Nintendo friend. No, my Wii demands attention and today it got some. The pulsing blue light beckoned me. There is a special message, no doubt a system update, and I would read this message. The Internet Channel was updated.

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Wii Sports Resort – Nintendo Transforms Times Square Into A Mini-Vacation

wii-sports-resort-frisbee-thumbnailWhile Manhattan may be an island, I’m not used to seeing sand in Times Square. Today, Nintendo was busy promoting Wii Sports Resort – the sequel to Wii Sports. Kiosks were playing the latest Nintendo hit, which is not available until 7/26/2009. While kids of all ages huddled around the flashy screens, others were relaxing in lawn chairs. I’m always impressed by the nonchalant attitude of New Yorkers. The majority of the populous can handle most unusual circumstances with nonchalance. In the middle of a busy city intersection. I didn’t see a whole lot of commotion, not a whole lot of fuss, just a cool event in the middle of a hot city.

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Where Does Your Wii Mii Go When You Die? The Halo Mode Proposal!

sleepy-wii-fit-thumbnailIf you’ve been following the latest scientific advancements, people might live forever. From cloning body parts, to downloading your brain into a computer, there are all sorts of theories that suggest an indefinite lifespan. But what about today? What about on your Wii? If you were to leave this world suddenly, what would happen to your virtual persona? What would happen to your Mii when you die?

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Mega Man 9 Revisited

What makes a great man? Is it an arm cannon? Is it an energy tank? No, I think one of mankind’s greatest abilities is to learn… not only from one’s mistakes, but to grow as an individual. After having a lively discussion with some hardcore Wii fans at the IGN Boards, I began to wonder if I was too harsh with my original review of Mega Man 9.

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