Net Neutrality: The Crazy Cable Bill

Emoji GlobeCable companies are dinosaurs. Why pay around $100 a month for TV shows and movies when Netflix is $7.99 a month? However, these monsters are not going down without a fight. Instead of being content with¬†providing Internet access to millions of people, there’s¬†a push to double charge for the delivery of Internet¬†data. Comcast recently struck a deal with Netflix to create a fast lane. This is directly against the notion of Net Neutrality, as the Internet is meant to have only one speed ‚Äď all data should be promptly delivered without discrimination.

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Nintendo Internet Channel Updated With Improved Adobe Flash Support

nintendo-internet-channel-thumbnailMore than two weeks had past since I played Wii Fit. The animated Balance Board avatar must have been stewing with fury. Somewhere, in the real world, I wasn’t exercising. Oh sure, I was outside, walking and enjoying the pleasant weather. Yet, that wasn’t good enough for my Nintendo friend. No, my Wii demands attention and today it got some. The pulsing blue light beckoned me. There is a special message, no doubt a system update, and I would read this message. The Internet Channel was updated.

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Did the Internet Kill Pop Culture?

I’m far from the greatest Michael Jackson fan of all time, but his death started some deep thoughts in my brain. I reflected upon an interesting time in my life — the 1980’s. That era had style, crazy hair, silly shoulder pads — everything was big and loud. Ronald Reagan was president. People were proud to be Americans. TV had iconic characters and shows — Mr. T, Hulk Hogan, Weird Al, MacGyver, Alf, Knight Rider, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Transformers. There was so much cool stuff.

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