Mega Man 9 Review

I’ll just get right to it. I was incredibly disappointed with Mega Man 9. I dropped $10, plus 81 cents tax, on my new 66 block WiiWare game. My expectations were low. I wasn’t expecting to be amazed. I was just looking for something fun to play. Capcom’s retro game was not it.

There was something special that made Mega Man 2 lots of fun. The music was entertaining. The design was colorful, cute and creative. Having purchased Mega Man 2 through the Virtual Console, I wanted that feeling to continue. Unfortunately, Mega Man 9 failed me.

Lame level design – The Mega Man series was known to provide challenge, but I don’t remember it being this hard – THIS CHEAP! There are too many instant death areas. Spikes, lava, pits… poof… you’re dead. One area has the wind in your face while you try to make single-block jumps. That’s just mean. It’s like Capcom hates me. I don’t get it. I give them money and they reward me with frustration.

Lame weapons and bosses – The main premise behind Mega Man is that you take out the bosses and then you take their weapons. Yet, the bosses are weird looking. Metal Man, Heat Man, Quick Man, those are enemies were simple to understand. These new enemies just seem too odd to me. I was especially confused when bees were used as projectiles. I was confused when bugs launched out of Mega Man’s arm canon. When one of the little bees brought back an energy item, I thought that was cute. OK, that was some signs of creativity, the bees are like homing missiles that can fetch items. This weapon was a novelty to me. I missed Metal Blade.

Why does Mega Man get rid of his old weapons with new sequels?

Lame enemies – With a nonary suffix, it might be hard to create original content. Considering the retro theme, total originality could actually be counter productive. But seriously, some of the enemies are absurd… umbrellas, scissors? Did the developers just look around the office for creative ideas?

Lame Music – It sounds similar to Mega Man 2, but I just didn’t find it as enjoyable.

The game seems geared for hardcore Mega Man fans, who want an obsessively difficult challenge. There’s even a challenges list and time rankings, to add even more difficulty and replay value. Yet, I felt ripped off. The game’s difficulty ruined the experience for me.

The way I see it, this game defies logic… 2 > 9

Photics Rating: 2.0 / 5.0