BOT - ThumbnailBOT is a science-fiction adventure game. Play as TANK, a giant — and sentient — machine. TANK defends the remaining human population from the hostile AI. Carrying with a machine gun and a sword, TANK is well armed. He can defeat enemies to collect coins and defeat boss enemies to collect upgrades. Once all the upgrades are found, “Survivor” mode becomes accessible. How long can you last?


  • 146,800,640 pixels of exploration on Retina Displays
  • Four-Way Auto-Rotation support. Play in Landscape or Portrait mode.
  • Fun questing system — NO BORING TEXT!
  • Game Center – Can you be the top Survivor?
  • Music and Sound Effect to help build the mood
  • 360° of combat!


There are no lame thumb-sticks here. TANK doesn’t need a virtual controller — BECAUSE HE IS THE CONTROLLER. Tap TANK to use his giant sword. Tap directly behind TANK to use his gun. Hold the touch to aim. Tap elsewhere on the screen to move TANK in that direction. Hold the touch to move continuously.

Press TANK’s health bar to access the Equipment Menu. Press the Game Center icon to activate Game Center features. Save your progress at the repair shop. Collect power-ups by defeating a boss enemy or using gold to buy/upgrade equipment: Machine Gun, Fire Gun, Rocket Launcher, Laser, Night Vision, Fiery Orb and Stealth. Pick the right combination of Weapon and Defensive Item to pass certain challenges — or to simply suit your mood. Rocket Launcher and Fiery Orb… Laser and Night Vision… Sword and Stealth… What’s your favorite combo? You can find out by playing BOT — an app with an entertaining mix of adventure, exploration and combat.

2 thoughts on “BOT”

  1. BOT has been updated to version 1.1

    Here are the changes…

    • Fiery Orb offensive power doubled
    • Fiery Orb no longer disappears after visiting shops
    • Some enemies now drop energy
    • Equipment menu now has a map
    • Jetpack added
    • Minimum iOS version set to 4.1
    • Tutorial added
    • Fixed issue with disabling night vision
    • Other fixes
    • Virtual Controller added
  2. I love this game! Do not understand why everyone puts so much critic instead of enjoying really good game, which required a little thinking, not like those push the button games. Love it and appreciate your hard work Photics :)

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