BOT Preview Screenshots

BOT has been a super secret project for months now. Despite constant requests for in-game screenshots, the game was shrouded in secrecy. It was tough to say no to these requests. I stopped myself for a few reasons. Part of it was to protect the content from theft. The other was uncertainty. Is this game really going to be great? As the secrecy continued, uncertainty increased. I wondered if people would actually like my game. But eventually, the demand for screenshots was too loud to ignore. So, at last, here are six screenshots from BOT.

BOT - Equipment Menu
This is the equipment menu. It's purposely left empty, as I don't want to ruin all of the surprises. From this screen, TANK can be equipped with one weapon and one defensive item.

Also from the equipment menu, the game options can be adjusted. Game Center can be enabled and the audio volume (sound effects / music) can be adjusted. If you’re wondering what those numbers are about, it’s the X&Y position of TANK.

BOT - Repair Shop
At the repair shop, TANK can regain health, save progress and purchase items.

Restoring health is free, but it’s a 15 gold fee to save progress. This is crucial, as Game Center Leaderboard records are not sent to Apple unless the progress is saved.  The stars indicate the next upgrade level.

BOT - Repair Shop Portrait
This is the repair shop in portrait mode

BOT (for iOS devices) is designed to be played in either Portrait or Landscape mode. This is also true for the shops and equipment menu. The layout automatically adjusts to match the orientation of the iOS device.