WordPress vs. Drupal

WordPress vs Drupal ThumbnailRecently, I switched this website to Drupal. And even more recently, I switched it back to WordPress. What’s with the struggle between two robust content management systems? For many years, there wasn’t. I didn’t think fondly of Drupal. Maybe it was the Drupal icon. Sunglasses on a drop of water seemed odd to me. Maybe it was the high maintenance. I had trouble getting the software to do what I wanted. But with the launch of Drupal 7, things started to change. I saw the power of Drupal and I liked it.

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Easy Applications To Make You More Like A Professional

Hard work, that’s supposed to be the secret to success… right? Technology changes that. Humans are the dominate species on this planet because of tools. We can make things that make our life easier. That’s what software developers do. They’re creating software to make your life easier. Their hard work is your gain, but some are really exceptional at their trade. There are applications that are so simple to use, so powerful by design, they can replace years of study and training.

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