Testing Game Center Leaderboards

Thumbnail - Testing Game Center LeaderboardsThings are getting exciting. This week, GameSalad was updated to version 0.9.3. Now it support’s Game Center Leaderboards — one of Apple’s social networking features for iOS games. I’ve been testing this feature with BOT, my new science-fiction role-playing game. This project has been an extreme challenge. But overall, the results have been amazing. This could be the biggest “Photics” project in the 12+ year history of the business. The game should be ready soon, but there are still some important matters to resolve.

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Why Dan Is Wrong About Game Center

Game Center Thumbnail - Why Dan Is Wrong About Game CenterYou know, I don’t really have time for this. I’m supposed to be busy building BOT. Yet, I read something that really annoyed me. It was an article by Dan Frommer. He’s a Senior Staff writer for The Business Insider. He mainly writes articles about Apple. I like the site and I generally like reading his articles. But yesterday, he had an article published on CNN that I felt was a bit unprofessional. It was entitled – Apple’s Three Biggest Weaknesses. I’m not a blind fanboy. Critiques are important for growth, but the words about Game Center didn’t seem to be in accordance with journalistic standards.

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Game Center Review

Back in the days when the best video games were in dimly lit arcades, I don’t remember being that big of a fanatic about getting the high score. It was pretty pointless to me. The game would just be turned off and my record would be lost. Even after game makers got creative, adding batteries to store the score, the arcade game wouldn’t be around forever. Eventually the local pizza place, deli or video rental store would replace old games with new ones. My high score would be loaded into a truck or a van, shipped to parts unknown.

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How Do You Download Game Center?

Game Center - Thumbnail Image - App icon on an iOS deviceI learned about Apple’s change to Game Center – a social network for iOS apps. My iPod Touch (second generation) is no longer excluded from the fun. With my poky 8GB device, I could partake of this online gaming experience. Ah, but there still was a barrier to surpass. I wasn’t quite sure how to get started. I had seen the Game Center app before, but I didn’t know how to download it to my iPod Touch. I wanted to secure “Photics” as my login name, as I’m planning to be quite active in this new gaming arena.

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