BOT #1 Now Available on iTunes

BOT #1 - Article ThumbnailIt was a bit of a struggle with Apple to get “Project: Salvage” approved, but Apple finally gave the OK. BOT #1 is now available on the iTunes App Store. This entertainment app is a graphic novel / comic book. The story is based on the storyline from BOT. If you’ve played the game, but you wondered what was going on, this app was made for you. Additionally, this app is a way to promote the game. BOT #1 is a free app and a great introduction to this sci-fi adventure.

When I created BOT, I was working with a simple concept — players seem to hate to reading. Not just reading either, they seem to skip the lore. While playing Guild Wars, teammates would get angry if I didn’t skip the cutscene. It was like a source of torment for them. So, I thought that I would simply eliminate it from my game. Since BOT is a global game, a decent percentage of the players might not even be able to read English. So, I dropped words from my game.

This idea wasn’t popular. Actually, it was quite hated. Even though lots of players may skip through the lore, it has to be there for the players that want it. That’s the idea behind BOT #1. It’s a comic that helps to explains what’s going on in the game. BOT #1 even has clues and some back-story for two quests.

But even if you never played the game, it can still be a cool story to read! :D

Yet, getting this app on the app store was challenging. Apparently, Apple felt that the promotional material wasn’t appropriate for young children. This app is not targeted towards them. I rated it 17+. But even though the app was restricted, the app’s icon and screenshots were not restricted. Apple wanted me to correct the matter. So, I did. I toned down the imagery in the app listing.

iTunes Age Confirmation Screenshot
Maybe I was overzealous in rating my app, but I decided to be more conservative. This is a global app. The definition of offensive varies throughout the world.

The first edition introduces four main characters — TANK, Karen Kamińska, Miles Mulligan and Krystal. The last remaining humans are forced to hide within the walls of their base. Outside this protective sanctuary lurks viscous machines. These hostile forces want to eradicate any trace of humanity from the planet. TANK — a sentient robot — protects the humans from the threat of annihilation.

In the first episode, Karen seems to have gone a bit stir crazy, as she voluntarily leaves the base in search of adventure and excitement. Can TANK, Miles and Krystal save her before it’s too late?

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