What To Do About Google?

Google Letters - Thumbnail - Smiling Letters "G" and "o" Google recently turned 15 years old. In that short time, the company has grown to become ubiquitous with Internet search. Because Google is so beneficial to so many lives, the milestone event could be celebrated with joy and happiness. A recent Google Doodle illustrates that. But me, I’m still apprehensive towards Google. Is this feeling unwarranted? If so, can I actually forgive Google? If not, what am I going to do about it?

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Piwik – An Open Source Alternative to Google Analytics

Piwik - World Map (thumbnail)I don’t trust Google. I think that they’ve grown too large and it could be harmful to the health of the Internet. Competition is good for the consumer. It keeps big business honest. Because of this belief, I’ve been attempting to phase out Google products from this website. Google Analytics was really tough to beat, but I finally found a suitable alternative – Piwik – open source web analytics software. Last night, I installed Piwik on Photics.com. My preliminary experimentation with the software has yielded favorable results. In other words – Piwik is awesome.

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nofollow – Apple, That's Not Nice!

I remember watching a history show about the gold rush. I learned a valuable lesson. A lot of people didn’t get rich during the gold rush. The ones that did, it was usually the people selling the shovels to the diggers. Today, Commove launched. I’m incredibly proud of this game. I think it’s awesome. But as I was trying to promote it, I was reminded of that historic lesson. While checking the HTML code on the Commove iTunes pages, “nofollow” hyperlinks were revealed.

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Typing Special Characters on Android and the iPhone

android special characters thumbnailMy next game has foreign language in it. I’m currently in the process of adding German and Polish to… my secret project. Yet, it’s a bit frustrating to type special characters. I usually launch Windows Character Map and I try to locate the letters with little hats, dots, accents and slashes. From there, I copy and paste the letters that I need. If this process seems archaic, I was even more bewildered when I wanted to send special characters via text messaging. I wondered if it was even possible. Generally, I have low expectations for mobile device performance. Yet, it was actually much easier to type special characters on Android than it was on my PC.

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Google and the Mystery of the Penny

one-penny-thumbnailSo OK, I’ve been doing the mobile development thing for about a year now and I’m finally starting to see some money being generated by my apps. Throughout 2009, the coins would add up. Five cents here, 10 cents there… whoa… $2.09 from a book sale… the cash would accumulate in my account. I was holding off on redeeming my earnings because Google Checkout wanted my bank account number. Suddenly, it was no longer a fun game with arcade like scoring. No, once I cashed out the money, there would be real world consequences… like income tax forms and trips to the mall. Hey, wait a minute, I like buying stuff… so Google, where’s my money? Before I could get paid, there was the little matter of account verification.

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