Photics Team Presents – A Contest For GameSalad Developers

The GameSalad forums seems to be growing more grumpy lately. Since that’s one of my favorite spots on the Internet, I’ve decided to give the developers something else to fight — instead of each other. Game development can be pretty competitive, but there’s something else that’s more important than making hit games. Living a healthy life, that’s more important. You can’t make games if you’re too sick or dead. But not everyone is a scientist or a doctor, so how can a bunch of game developers save lives? That’s where the Photics Team gets involved with a new contest!

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Installing Windows on My Mac Mini

Back in the 90’s, I was a die-hard Mac fan. That’s only natural when your college is loaded with software and hardware from Apple. Even shortly after college, my graphic design work was mostly done on a Mac. But a decade later, I’m a Windows guy. The hardware is cheaper and the software is plentiful… including video games. Although, I recently bough a Mac Mini. I wanted to see if the grass was greener on the other side. It wasn’t, not for me. Having re-experienced the Mac OS side of things, I found more success with Android development than iPhone OS development. My Mac Mini went unused. The neglect was so bad that I didn’t even have it hooked up to the Internet. My shiny new Mac had turned into a dust collecting box. It needed new life… so I installed Windows on it!

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Folding@Home Photics: Team Winners (August)

photics-folding-you-wonSince this contest started, the Photics Team contributed 707037 points to Stanford University’s Folding@Home distributed computing project. The idea is that by using many computers collectively, the work gets done much faster than a single computer can do. The work – to better understand protein folding. This knowledge could lead to cures for diseases that are related to this matter. To encourage participation in this lofty endeavor, has been hosting competitions for Photics: Team members. The results are now available.

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Photics Team – Folding@Home June / July / August 2009 Contest

The Photics Team is a powerful force, fighting for the betterment of humanity. By using the collective power of our personal computers, we’re helping scientists better understand protein folding and the related diseases. Virtue is not the only reward for these heroes. is throwing another contest. Every point you contribute to the team (from the date of this post until August 30, 2009) may count as a chance to win a Nintendo Points Card code (2000 points) or a 30 Day City of Heroes game card code.

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