Madness — Microsoft Windows on My Mac Mini

Microsoft Window XP ThumbnailBe faithful to your lover, not your computer. While I still like my Mac, some radical changes to Apple’s hardware line has me concerned about the future of the Mac. With the removal of the optical drive from the new Mac Mini, disappointments with Mac OS X Lion, the White Macbook going bye-bye and the hardwired MacBook Air RAM, the entry-level Macs have become less attractive to me. That’s why I started wondering about Microsoft Windows.

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Windows PC to Mac Mini – The Single Desktop Quest

Around the same time I started this website, I switched from a Mac to a PC. Over a decade ago, Steve Jobs was back at Apple. He had introduced a fishbowl of a computer – the iMac. With a hockey puck shaped mouse, and limited expansion options, it was clear that Apple was heading in a different direction. The iMac was strictly USB — no ADB ports, no SCSI. That setup rendered about $1000 worth of external hardware obsolete. The iMac didn’t even have a floppy drive. If I had to start over, I figured that I should switch to Windows.

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Installing Windows on My Mac Mini

Back in the 90’s, I was a die-hard Mac fan. That’s only natural when your college is loaded with software and hardware from Apple. Even shortly after college, my graphic design work was mostly done on a Mac. But a decade later, I’m a Windows guy. The hardware is cheaper and the software is plentiful… including video games. Although, I recently bough a Mac Mini. I wanted to see if the grass was greener on the other side. It wasn’t, not for me. Having re-experienced the Mac OS side of things, I found more success with Android development than iPhone OS development. My Mac Mini went unused. The neglect was so bad that I didn’t even have it hooked up to the Internet. My shiny new Mac had turned into a dust collecting box. It needed new life… so I installed Windows on it!

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