Photics Team – Folding@Home March / April 2009 Contest

Members of the Photics Team use computer downtime to help scientists better understand protein folding and the related diseases. This could help humanity! To reward this noble act, is throwing another contest. For every point you contribute to the team (from the date of this post until April 30, 2009) may count as a chance to win the $30 World of Warcraft Game Card. This is also a chance to show the world the strength of the Photics Team, already in the top 2% of all Folding teams.

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Photics Folding@Home Team Breaks 5000 Mark

At this very moment, computers all around the world are calculating protein folding simulations. By better understanding this process, it is hoped that cures to deadly diseases can be found. The Photics Team has been exceptional in this endeavor. Out of 84,000+ teams, the Photics Team is in the top 5000 and climbing.

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