Photics Folding@Home Team Breaks 5000 Mark

At this very moment, computers all around the world are calculating protein folding simulations. By better understanding this process, it is hoped that cures to deadly diseases can be found. The Photics Team has been exceptional in this endeavor. Out of 84,000+ teams, the Photics Team is in the top 5000 and climbing.

The Photics Team was formed shortly after the announcement of the Folding@Home PS3 software. The PlayStation 3 is phenomenal at performing the necessary calculations. PC, Mac or Linux machines can be used as well. I like to look at the team list and imagine what’s being used…

  • oracle (52280)
  • Mark (11042)
  • Mithrandir (6675)
  • Nemisari (5805)
  • rodgercj (5637)
  • Photics (5334)
  • Jizato (2666)
  • Smurf_Minions (635)

…my computer was working on “Protein: p3040_supervillin-03” as I typed this new post. The next time someone gives me flak about being a gamer, I can just point to these stats and say, “STFU NOOB!” The Photics Team is made up of gamers! Our appreciation of video games has lead us here, on a quest to help humanity! If you’re interested in joining the team, just visit the Photics Team page.

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