Photics Team – Folding@Home March / April 2009 Contest

Members of the Photics Team use computer downtime to help scientists better understand protein folding and the related diseases. This could help humanity! To reward this noble act, is throwing another contest. For every point you contribute to the team (from the date of this post until April 30, 2009) may count as a chance to win the $30 World of Warcraft Game Card. This is also a chance to show the world the strength of the Photics Team, already in the top 2% of all Folding teams.



This contest represents a chance to win a World of Warcraft Game Card code!

To enter the contest, join the Photics Team… 

REMEMBER: The team number is 60254



This contest is open to residents of North America, except Quebec and where prohibited. Winner will be chosen at random. Each team point for the folding team counts as a chance to win. The contest starts from the date of this contest, until April 30, 2009 (12:00 PM Eastern Time). (The contest may run a little longer if I don’t get to the stats page right away.) ArenaNet, NCsoft, Blizzard Entertainment or employees are prohibited from entering the contest.

Winner must verify their folding account. Simply post a comment in this thread with a valid email address and your Folding@Home user name. (Exceptions for existing Photics team members if their idenity was previously verified РMark, Oracle, Nemisari, Mithrandir) Failure to follow site rules may result in disqualification. The winner will be notified by email and the winner will be announced on the website. The winner must respond with a valid name and address. (Canadian residents will also be asked a mathematical question.) If the winner does not provide the appropriate information within one week, the winner will be disqualified and another winner will be chosen.

THE GAME CARD WILL NOT BE SENT BY POSTAL MAIL. The game card code will be sent to the winner by private message. With the code, the winner can visit to use the game card code.

The prize has a retail value of $30. Applicable taxes are the responsibly of the winner. is not responsible for unforeseen circumstances, such as electrical failure, acts of God, floods, fires, plagues, nuclear war, site outages, etc. reserves the right to modify the rules and/or the prize to accommodate unforeseen issues. By entering the contest, you agree to these contest guidelines.

5 thoughts on “Photics Team – Folding@Home March / April 2009 Contest”

  1. Woah, I thought it was till March 30th. Man I wasted a week of my ps3 and pc turned off. I was working 12’s all week! I could have had them cranking. All well, there is always 3 more weeks! And the weeks I’m in reno!

  2. Stupid WoW. Some Guild Wars fan you are, giving away WoW time. Shame! Shame on you sir!

  3. Nemisari — A winner has been determined. It was Oracle. I plan on publishing the numbers soon. I also plan on launching a new contest soon too, so you might want to keep folding if you’re interested. Maybe I should have a second place prize, since Oracle is dominating the contests.

    Moo — I ran a well promoted competition for a Guild Wars prize, but I felt more excitement when I put up the World of Warcraft card as a prize. You’re a good example. I see you complaining about the prize, but I don’t see “Moo” on the list of Photics Team members. I’m planning a different prize for the next competition, like a gift card to a popular store or maybe a City of Heroes card. is no longer exclusive to any one video game.

  4. Yes of course I’m not on the team, why would I want a WoW card? I hate that game. Plus I don’t like Folding@Home, why would I want someone else using my computer?

    Thats fine that your not exclusive to any one game, I’m not either. I just haven’t seen any MMO at all that is any good (And not pay to play) besides GW.

    Why don’t you put a couple more GW game cards up for grabs? And why don’t you put up other kinds of contests? Variety is the spice of life.

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