Folding@Home Photics: Team Winners (August)

photics-folding-you-wonSince this contest started, the Photics Team contributed 707037 points to Stanford University’s Folding@Home distributed computing project. The idea is that by using many computers collectively, the work gets done much faster than a single computer can do. The work – to better understand protein folding. This knowledge could lead to cures for diseases that are related to this matter. To encourage participation in this lofty endeavor, has been hosting competitions for Photics: Team members. The results are now available.

The Photics Team put their extra computer power to good use!
The Photics Team put their extra computer power to good use!

The August winners were chosen randomly, based on the amounts of points that were contributed. It was little surprise to see Oracle win again. His contribution represents slightly more than half the total amount of the team’s contributions. Oracle won the City of Heroes game code. The second place prize went to Chrisrod3091, who won the Wii Points code.

…and everyone won, for the best gift of all is life! If this research helps increase the lifespan of all humans, then that makes us all winners! 🙂

Remember, NVIDIA CUDA capable graphics processors are much more powerful for this task than just using the CPU. If you have a new NVIDIA GPU, or even a multi-core CPU, you might want to check out the High Performance Windows Client Download Page.