Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One S vs PlayStation 4 Slim vs iPad Air 2

Video Game ControllerNintendo has some hubris. The Nintendo Switch is slated to be available on March 3, 2017 – for $299. That puts it against the Xbox One S and the PlayStation 4 Slim. Worse, these two competing consoles can be found for significantly less money than $299. Direct from, it’s about $20-$30 cheaper. That’s with a bundled game. The problem is even bigger than that. Why buy a toy when you can get an iPad? The iPad Air 2 was recently on sale for $275. Games are fun, but sometimes you need to be productive. With so many choices, how does the Nintendo Switch fair against the competition?

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Xbox One Does a 180

Xbox One Controller (Thumbnail)I was gearing myself up to write an epic rant. I’m astonished at how stupid Microsoft has been. My Xbox Live account is “forever stuck in a corrupted state“, Windows 8 didn’t launch with the Start Button and the new Xbox One was about to be a stillbirth. Obviously realizing that Sony was about to eat their lunch, Microsoft finally woke up. Apparently, the next generation Xbox will not require a daily Internet connection to play offline games and limitations on selling used games have been removed.

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Why Is Nintendo Winning The Console War?

There’s an arcade in Menlo Park Mall, New Jersey. I like to drive over there and play a few rounds of Street Fighter. Around this time of the year, I usually do so with caution. Holiday traffic makes the trip home rather rough. Not this year, as there was no traffic at all. I found that to be most disturbing.

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Microsoft Launches New XBOX 360 Arcade Console for $279.99

With the holiday season almost upon us, it is of little surprise to see more aggression in the console wars. In the latest salvo, Microsoft has launched a more ecconomical model of the XBOX 360. For $279.99, the “Arcade” package offers five games, a wireless controller, an HDMI port, and a 256MB memory unit. This version of the XBOX 360, which replaces the “Core” system, is officially on sale today.

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Halo 3 Special Edition XBOX 360 – The Hunt For a 65nm CPU Begins

The folks over in Microsoft marketing land really do earn their money. At first, their “Believe” campaign was having little effect on me. I was fairly confident that I would be skipping the Halo 3 hype. But nooooooo… the word had spread too far. The mass media buzz began to infect my friends and co-workers. They were telling me to get Halo 3.

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