I’m Gonna Need A Bigger Robot!

C2HK (Candy To Halloween Kids) Robot — With M&MsOver on Photics.TV (YouTube), a question was asked — Can A Toy Robot Deliver Halloween Candies? It can! It was a lot of fun. It was nice to hear, “Highlight of the night” and “That’s cool” from the crowd — and it was quite a crowd. I’ve never had so many Trick-or-Treaters at my home. There were dozens, perhaps hundreds of people. C2HK, with a maximum candy capacity of six, was simply overwhelmed.

There were some lessons learned. While the toy robot was great at getting attention, as it makes beeping noises and it looks cute, its tiny wheels were not equipped for the rougher terrain of the driveway. The robot got stuck a few times.

Another lesson learned was that the York Peppermint Patties were the least favorite of the bunch. The kids didn’t want them as much. What’s unfortunate is that the bag of chocolate from Costco seemed to have the most of those candies. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were popular, but they were heavier for the robot to carry. Not only does C2HK need upgrades to the wheels, its carrying capacity also needs improvement.

Lighting is another issue. When it got darker, it wasn’t as apparent to people that the tiny robot was carrying candy. Although, at that time of the night, I was already running low on candies. By the time I got to the bag of Haribo Gummy Bears, most of the kids went home. Still, brighter lights — and more lights — could be an improvement.

But overall, the first version of C2HK was outstanding. The eyes lit up, which looked so cute at night. The sound effects were perfect, especially with the beep button. And even though C2HK was probably underpowered for the mission, that made him more endearing. The kids would wait while C2HK rolled up. So cute!

A lot of the people wanted their own robot. That’s the best part. The toy robot, not counting the Halloween modifications, is around $20 on Amazon. So, that’s quite affordable. Even though C2HK can be improved, version one was an inexpensive treat. I’m glad that it made so many people happy — which makes me happy. Nice! 🙂