The Most Overhyped Game of All Time – Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

The main stream media continues to print the same recycled garbage about how great this game was supposed to have been. I can easily name 25 games that were much more fun to play than Zelda 64.

Zelda 8-Bit Better than Zelda 64-BIT?

In the original 8-BIT version, I was compelled to find everything! Every last container heart, every hidden room, I even had to complete the difficult second quest. With Zelda 64… once I saw the credits, I wrapped up this game and I never played it again. I figure that I left about 25% of the game undiscovered. I didn’t care, as this game did not impress me.

25 games, from the 20th Century, that beat Zelda 64
(In No Particular Order)

  1. Ms. Pac Man
  2. Final Fantasy VII
  3. Star Wars Arcade
  4. Mortal Kombat IV
  5. Street Fighter II (Champion, Hyper, Turbo, whatever)
  6. Killer Instinct
  7. Bubble Bobble
  8. Tetris (Why else is Gameboy the #1 system of all time?)
  9. Phantasy Star II
  10. Marathon (Macintosh)
  11. Outrun
  12. Solitaire (Win 95)
  13. Super Smash Bros (Who doesn’t like picking on Pikachu?)
  14. Super Dodge Ball (Yes… the 8-Bit Version)
  15. NFL 2000
  16. Tokyo Xtreme Racing
  17. Sim City
  18. Populous
  19. Civilization
  20. [Insert your favorite EA Sports game here] Too many to list!
  21. Heavy Barrel
  22. Megaman 2
  23. Bust-A-Move
  24. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  25. Crazy Taxi

…and there are many more!!!

You don’t have to agree with all of these games… but if you even agree with one of the games on the list… then you’ve just proven my point. Zelda 64 = over-hyped! (Also note: I didn’t even mention Mario 64… that would be on the list of better games too!)