A Writer/Editor For ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2

When I was little, I used to impress my classmates with my stories. It was great to hear them laugh. I thought I had found out the answer to the eternal question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” That was until I found out that writers don’t make a whole lot of money. I was quickly discouraged. But hey, no one ever told me that ArenaNet was hiring a Writer / Editor.

It looks like ArenaNet is gearing up for Guild Wars 2. This job would be absolutely perfect for me. For years I’ve been complaining about the storyline. Here’s a chance to do something about it! However, there are three main reasons why I cannot apply…

  • The job is in Bellevue, Washington.
  • Writers don’t make a whole lot of money.
  • My ego is too big! :P

ArenaNet clearly states that they do not hire “prima donnas” or “rock stars” to join their team. I’d want to change a lot of things and I’d want to be paid a lot to do it. Since I don’t like the rainy weather around the Seattle area, the job will have to go to someone else. Could it be you?

Here’s the description…

Join the ArenaNet team! The creators of the block-buster online RPG, Guild Wars, are seeking a motivated, energized, and creative Writer/Editor to generate compelling content ranging from in-game dialogue to official website articles and marketing copy. Applicants called in for an interview will be asked to complete a short writing and editing test.

In this modern age, you’d think more companies would allow telecommuting. The requirements for this dream job are hardly difficult. Head over to the ArenaNet Job page to find out more information.

While you’re there, you might see something highly suspicious. (This is where my Competitive Intelligence mode kicks in.) Why does ArenaNet need a Text/Voice/Video Chat engineer? I can see text and voice, but why video? Is this just a general requirement or is Guild Wars 2 going to have new communication features?

Supposedly, happy people work at ArenaNet. It looks like they’re in hiring mode. Hopefully they continue to employ talented people. They’re the ones who will create Guild Wars 2.

2 thoughts on “A Writer/Editor For ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2”

  1. Mmmm… I hear that Seattle isn’t ALWAYS rainy… I think you should go for it! But like you said, about how you’d wanna change a lot…

  2. The job posting was taken down. So, it looks like they hired the writer… and it wasn’t me. HA! :)

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