ArenaNet Jobs – Character Artist and Junior Writer/Editor

Not too long ago, I was in Gunnar’s Hold. That’s nothing new. I’m there a lot. What was unusual was the dialogue. The outpost was filled with conversation about Guild Wars 2. Some of it was negative. If I remember correctly, I saw the word “Vaporware” used to describe the sequel. Who knows? Maybe GW2 will join Duke Nukem in a series of indefinite postponements. But a quick glance of the ArenaNet job listings makes me highly skeptical of such a possibility. Just last week, two new “contract” jobs were posted… Character Artist and Junior Writer/Editor. Not only is this an excellent opportunity for an aspiring game developer, this is reassurance that ArenaNet is working hard on the sequel.

Here’s the official word from ArenaNet/NCsoft…

Writing – Junior Writer/Editor (Contract) – The ArenaNet Writing Team is looking for a junior level writer/editor with a passion for games, an appreciation for great dialogue, and a willingness to learn. Candidates should possess some professional writing experience, and provide samples of published works as well as any referrals.

Job postings like this make me frustrated. If it’s a contract job, why don’t they just freelance it out… TO ME?! Heh, I would rather enjoy writing quests and NPC dialogue. In the qualifications section, “Able to give and accept constructive criticism” is listed as a requirement. That’s awesome. Someone should get in there and have a lengthy conversation about Rurik. I’m thinking that the sequel needed stronger writing. But what’s more important, it should leave room for the player’s imagination. I understand that Guild Wars plays like a storybook, but MMORPGs should be more about the players. A good writer might be able to find the perfect balance… creating quality lore while giving players the freedom to play.

That job was posted on January 18, 2010. Another job was posted two days later…

Artist – Character Artist (Contract) – As a character artist, you will have the opportunity to work with a diverse group of highly trained artists to create 3D characters, monsters, heroes, and other assorted creatures. You and your fellow team-mates will develop characters from start to finish, including concepting, modeling, and texturing models to create some of the most compelling graphics ever seen in a game.

There was another complaint uttered in Gunnar’s Hold. The graphics in Guild Wars 2 aren’t that much different than the original. I couldn’t really argue that. I remember what happened six years ago, when ArenaNet publicly displayed their in-game graphics. It was hard to believe, such an amazing world with no monthly fees. It was all true. But today, there seems to be a different direction. The sequel is impressive, but it’s more evolutionary than revolutionary. I think the entire industry reflects that. With tough economic times, how many people be willing to upgrade their computers for Guild Wars? Instead, it is the artwork that gives the game a competitive edge. Guild Wars has a distinct look. It’s a rich, lush world. That’s why the Character Artist job is important.

With all these artists summoned to one location, it might be like a second renascence in Bellevue, Washington. 🙂

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  1. The thing that drives me crazy about people talking about delays around guild wars 2 is that it’s never been delayed! They never announced a release date, someone just decided it was around now and that took hold of the rumor mill or something…

  2. Not entirely true. ArenaNet set a deadline. There was supposed to a be a beta test in 2008. You can read page 8 of issue 34.

    No launch date was announced, but the ArenaNet team anticipates that Guild Wars 2 will go into beta sometime in the second half of 2008

    Those aren’t my words. That was the message from ArenaNet. The community was waiting for a beta in the second-half of 2008. I was highly skeptical back then, but I was giving ArenaNet the benefit of the doubt. Here we are in 2010 and there’s no beta. The game MAY be released in 2011.

    If I had known in 2007 that Eye of the North was the last new content until 2011, I highly doubt that I’d be running right now 😛

  3. They delayed the beta, not the release. They changed from a beta early in the development stage to a beta close to release.

  4. That’s enough to make some members of the community doubtful about the sequel. If they say 2008, and things are still fuzzy in 2010, I think it’s reasonable to feel some apprehension.

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